EstablishmentID Mechanisms

EstablishmentID Mechanisms

System Mechanics is based on specific elements, but it is also flexible. Will be in the following points which are described.

1- The system works according to a clear mechanism where it puts into consideration that it deals within unified international criteria.

2- This system provides a unique ID for each Establishment.

3- This ID carries out descriptive information about the owner of the ID.

4- This information includes mainly the nationality of the ID holder and his/her doctorates which are verified through the International Standard Certificate Number ISCN.

5- Hence, This code consists of both numerical and alphabetical symbols where the first 2 symbols are English letter and the last 2 symbols are English numbers.

6- The system guarantees the uniqueness of the code where there is no way to find repeated codes.

7- After issuing the 3 parts, they get integrated all together to form the documented international identification for Establishment.

8- It also gets attached to a certain QR that is easy to be read.

9- After having an ID, the Establishment can access an electronic gateway using the username, which is the ID, and a password that he/she creates.

10- After opening the electronic gateway with the ID and the password, the Establishment holders can create documented profile through which they can add all their works.

11- These works might include certificates, experience, research, conferences, honors, workshops and prizes they received.

12- The owner of the ID can adjust his/her profile anytime and improve it in dynamically, continuously and for free.

13- Those People, who have profiles, can receive job offers and private messages from individuals and entities.