Evaluation Gate Way

As we mentioned before verified Establishment ID It gives you a platform Through which to add Important documents and certificates for the establishment, And it is documented through an international system (ISCN) And more than that we have created " Evaluation Gateway" It allows the owner of the Establishment ID Create an evaluation Internationally Certified.

The evaluation aims to focus on the elements of quality and level of services provided to Establishment ID holder. This service offers a range of benefits, the most important of which are the following:

  • 1- as well as the analysis and evaluation of the results of the evaluation, The Establishment ID holder can also request a special form of evaluation.
  • 2- provides essential data for employees about the quality and efficiency of their work, Which drives them to increase productivity.
  • 3- Provide information to the Establishment on the quality of its outputs.
  • 4- Improve the performance of Establishment.
  • 5- Automate evaluation processes to ensure a wider slice of evaluation and thus obtain better results, and make available evaluation from anywhere and anytime.
  • 6- Improve the level of employee satisfaction.
  • 7- Obtain a regular analysis of the evaluation and independently.
  • 8- Providing Establishment opportunities to enter international classifications in the level of quality, output and performance, etc.
  • 9- archiving the evaluation and the possibility of retrieval electronically.
  • 10- Reduce the cost of the Establishment by providing an electronic assessment.