Establishment Benefits

Establishment Benefits

Offers of protection, safety and mutual trust are not the only benefits available. So let us know the rest of the benefits.

1- We strive to make organizations around the globe more successful by providing intelligent certificates for smarter decisions and making sure the right person get the right job.

2- help you get the best information to make the most educated decisions.

3- helps you demystify the often uncertain experience of a background check for your candidates.

4- stop you from any business fraud or personal fraud ( verify your suppliers).

5- ISCN system is a kind of verification services for checking out the business License, this service can stop the client from professional scammers before placing any orders for confirmation and verification in person.

6- Check Establishment International ID service can assure the client that whether his supplier or buyer is a legitimate company or not Because traditional staff normally obtain their registered information directly from local government authorities by contacting local officials or agents.

7- A flexible solution for any businessman or enterprise worldwide.

8- International gateway that offers bank level security for trusted certificates and any other professional documents.

9- We can help you identify the background checks you need and will tailor a bespoke portal to meet your needs.

10- you can request your portal through the website to give each certificate or document an ISCN code and QR code.

11- Guaranteeing an international distinguished identity for each certificate.

12- Creating an accurate and useful method to define the certificates and their related descriptive data in the databases of bibliographic information.

13- Increasing the reliability and validity of the certificates on a global level.

14- Enabling certificates data and credibility tracking using a protected electronic copy.

15- Preventing confusion and forgery of certificates through the unified number that ensures the verification of data.

16- Tracking and managing flow of certificates between institutions, companies and individuals using the code number.

17- Keeping an electronic copy of the certificate in a secured system and allowing authorized persons only to get a copy as per the need.

18- Helps human resource managers to choose the most efficient and trusted people more quickly and with less effort.

19- Obtaining important information regarding the certificate easily by looking at the unified number. ( for Example : issuing country, issuing authority, date, and any type of certificate).

20- Protect documents from damage and loss.